Sneak Peek: ODIN’s Tech, Wallet and Core Features

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It’s been a while

It’s been a long wait, but we are extremely proud to present the first sneak peek of the technical details behind ODIN. Please keep in mind that testing is still ongoing and changes may follow. Currently, testing is happening specifically on the following fronts:
-Ongoing operation of masternodes in parallel
-Final testing of privacy features
-Final testing of block generation and rewards
-Tweaking the look and feel of the ODIN QT wallet

Not all features in the following screenshots are finalized yet as testing is ongoing, but we are too excited about sharing them with you. Therefore, without further ado:

The  Technical Details

Testnet’s getinfo output

Master node list on the testnet

The ODIN QT wallet’s boot screen

This is where you will run your very own master nodes

Overview screen

Core wallet’s “Receive” screen for incoming transactions


The “Send” screen for outgoing transactions


The core wallet’s total Transaction screen


We are delighted to finally be able to present you with these initial sneak peeks into the technical details. Especially because you’ve all been waiting for so long. More updates will follow as the testing phase nears its end.

We thank you all for your continued support, and look forward to our collective future!