• Modified Partnerships on the official ODIN Blockchain website
  • Reviewed and edited new blog article focusing on ‘Best private search engines’

These long form articles are intended to provide high quality content related to specific unmet search needs aligned to our SEO strategy.  As backlinks to the site improves the domain authority for the site also increases, which means our project will (ultimately) be found by a larger and larger audience.


These articles gradually also establish us as an authority in the space ODIN is specifically targeting (human centred, mobile and privacy focused).  We also aim to showcase how we can make an individual’s digital life more secure and highlight the current system’s pitfalls.


The One-Page summary provides a brief overview of the overall idea, vision and implementation of ODIN.


It also provides information on our flagship decentralized application, the upcoming ODIN Messenger.


The Three-Page technical summary is for those that are familiar with the project’s fundamentals. It builds on this knowledge to explain our technical solutions, protocols and specifications.


We encourage you to disseminate widely to appropriate channels as we move closer to the ODIN launch date.


  • Added descriptions to ODIN Discord channels
  • Created custom ODIN Themed emoji’s for the ODIN Discord server


  • Curated list of all meetups in 2018 in the UK

The aspiration here is to have regular attendance at useful meetups to add value to the meetings themselves as well as broaden the awareness of ODIN.

  • Collated a list of contact details and universities that have blockchain courses across the globe

We to aim to create useful partnerships with a range of Universities and educational resources.

  • Enhanced the Obsidian Block Explorer to allow storage of OP_Return transactions and associated metadata
  • Completed first draft of application and evaluation criteria for community funded projects
  • Investigated Grafana as a replacement for Google data analytics for OKR dashboard
  • Held a 2 hour AMA
  • Pixxl and Pelsjager attended Blockchain Talks meetup in Amsterdam