Changelog: 6th August 2018

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  • Redesigned and implemented a responsive and more fully-featured navigation menu on the official ODIN website


  • A blog redesign has been completed along with the listing page improved. We now have a more responsive design and layout
  • Added typography adjustments and refined the dynamic content
  • Added long form article “Decentralized Organizations” against SEO strategy and as an example for future articles created by the community
  • Defined a new authoring process for blog posts, long form articles, weekly updates and announcements
  • All the Medium articles have been moved to our own blog.
  • All original Medium posts have been condensed to give a description and link through to the blog post on the Odin website
  • A new long form article has been requested focusing on the best privacy search engines, to align with SEO strategy to improve domain authority
  • Investigated and tested publishing content to the ODIN blog directly from Google Docs
  • Created a post condensing all the current bounties and competitions so they are assembled in one single place


We have had many users asking about the compatibility of the windows QT-Wallet on a Windows 7 machine. One of our core team members has been running the wallets on Windows 7 since release, and has not encountered any issues. We have updated our descriptions to indicated Windows 7 compatibility.

Claim Process

  • Added 2FA on the Claim Portal user accounts
  • Implemented Resend Verification Email for ODIN Claim Portal
  • Sent a mailer to all outstanding ICO claimants that had not yet claimed to remind them to do so
  • All of the outstanding Obsidian ICO claims have been processed

The original Obsidian ICO has been finished, and coins have been distributed almost a year ago. However, there were still some outstanding claims from people that did not claim their coins in the meantime. So far we processed a handful of outstanding claims that have come in. We are still advising anyone who has not stepped forward to claim to email directly to be processed.


  • Looked into OP_RETURN transactions for coin burning and feasibility of storing small metadata in transactions
  • Experimented with Obsidian transactions storing metadata
  • Looked into mobile-browser based game development


  • Set up an image contest for ODIN: Community to create headers to accompany our social media posts
  • Created a Bitcointalk post for the Gleam contest
  • Finalised new agreements and work priorities for additional core team developers on the ODIN Blockchain
  • Bounty wallet has been moved to a different machine. The new address is XFPpEhMCCPTBd9pMKgRZu5aeHsVu1XNkm7
  • Added details to Trello Roadmap board cards in advance of designing and publishing our current and evolving ODIN roadmap
  • 35.000 ODN has been sent to Pelsjager for distribution amongst moderators and key contributors

At the end of the month, the changelog will feature a section where the rewarded ODN, names of recipients and explanations for why these people received an amount of ODN will be noted.

Community contributions are always welcomed, and they do not necessarily have to be part of running bounties and competitions.

If they are outstanding, we feel any contribution should be awarded. If you feel you have a service that warrants such a reward, please connect with Pelsjager on discord.

  • We have distributed 200 ODN to each moderator as a tipping allowance

Tipping is a great tool to see more activity on the Discord channel. It rewards helpful people, it shows support to individuals that are down on their luck, and we also use it just for fun.

The moderators have always been active with tipping our community members. Until now this has always been out of their own funds but this is now additionally supported through the foundation through this allowance.

To start off we have distributed 200 ODN to each of our Discord moderators. We will re-evaluate this amount periodically to see if should be adjusted. If a moderator does not use his entire tipping balance or does not use it to distribute it to the community, the amount will be redacted from the following month’s stipend.

  • Created an initial One-Page summary on the ODIN Blockchain to be amended based on feedback
  • Wrote initial text draft for a Three-Page summary on the ODIN Blockchain

The One-Page summary will function as an introduction to the project. It will showcase the goals, ideals and present essential information.
This will be targeted at complete newcomers and for the community to share around.

The Three-Page summary is a more in-depth explanatory pamphlet. It will showcase the core features and protocols, as well as coin specifications and so forth.

This will be targeted at people that already know some basics about ODIN, need additional information but prefer to not read the whitepaper.



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