3 Easy Steps to ODIN Claim Registrations

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We condensed down the original guide into this for those of you who just want to get registered for your upcoming ODIN Claim. You can read the full guide here if you are interested in how everything is implemented including technical details, and how we deal with data and privacy.

Step 1

Make your way to the ODIN Claim Registration page and agree to the Terms of Service to continue with the registration process.

Step 2

You will be provided with a randomly generated word, and are asked to provide the Obsidian Address you’d like to register. You will need to input a signed message too, by using the randomly generated word in your Obsidian Wallet.

How to sign a message with a cryptocurrency address

Step 3

Enter your email address and a strong password, then continue. Our system will send you a unique code to your email titled “Verify ODIN Claim Portal Account”. Check your Spam folder if you don’t see it within a few minutes, please check your Spam folder. Click “Verify my email” or manually enter the unique 6-digit PIN Code into the Portal.

ODIN Claim Portal Dashboard

After you are registered, you will see new features and security improvements as we introduce them. Please implement these in your own time, they are simple to do and are part of the process for completing your claim before we launch the ODIN Blockchain publicly and finalize the community ODIN distributions.

Support and Feedback

If you find any issues with the claim registration process, please reach out to us on our ODIN Discord or our ODIN Telegram community if you have further questions or require help with any of the claiming steps.

The ODIN community is very welcoming, we love to hear your experiences, questions, and feedback on our Discord community chat, tweet us @odinblockchain, check our official ODIN Linkedin and our Facebook page. We also have an ODIN Subreddit you can subscribe to and look forward to having you as a part of our growing open source ecosystem.