ODIN Portal Completes as Valhalla Phase Commences

Categories Community Update

As per the Launch Countdown announcement, the ODIN Claim Portal redemption support ends on October 31st, 23:59 UTC. By the 14th of November, we will have shut down all portal-related services. After this date, relevant data will be purged and not recoverable from that point onward.

Individual cases that have been manually reviewed will be allowed to withdraw their discretionary ODIN up until 7th November 2018.

We have always been clear about eligible claimants: Strictly those that have either registered or emailed us regarding special circumstances that they had before the snapshot. This does not change and would be unfair to those community members who followed the rules.

Anyone that has not registered or withdrawn, and has not reached out to us before this moment, will be rendered completely ineligible for claiming. From 1st November 2018, any new claim portal support emails will be automatically purged and the email address for claim portal support will become inactive from 14th November 2018, 23:59 UTC.