Collaboration, Innovation and Community

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This week it’s all about Collaboration, Innovation and Community.

OPL Stake Rewards

As mentioned in last week’s changelog, some key community members have received some extra ODN for their efforts. We are very proud to have them as part of our community, and we do not underestimate their roles. Therefore, a reward for their time and effort seemed fitting. We consider this a one time retrospective bounty reward.

What came to light most of all in doing this, was their deep appreciation. This made us put more thought on how to extennd this over the past week.

We realize that OPL is staking a comparatively absurdly large amount of coins. We do this, because it is necessary to prevent certain parties from getting too much power over the network through staking. However, to protect the network, it is not essential to keep these coins with OPL. We arrived at the conclusion that the network will be protected equally even if the staking rewards are distributed amongst the community.

Development and Collaboration

Another issue we are facing right now is that the Obsidian Platform lacks any kind of development at all. While we have decided to move on to Odin and put our priority there, we have made it clear earlier that we do intend to continue to support Obsidian as well.

Unfortunately, the Foundation does not have the funds to hire another dedicated development team. However, we do stake enough ODN to fund a developer bounty pool. Our goal is to draw in and incentivize developers to work on the Obsidian chain through this pool.

Thus, we have decided to move all the staking rewards to a different address. We will distribute a part of these rewards at the first of each month to the community. This aligns with our key value of Integrity and serves to support the community that has always supported us.

In alignment  with our core value of Innovation, we have decided to allot another share of these staking rewards to be used for a Developer Bounty Pool. This which will come to light over the next few weeks.

We will reserve a part of the coins for other initiatives that are deemed bounty-able. We will also open a bounty portal on the website soon. Once this is released, we will release more information about the bounty pool.

In the spirit of Transparancy, we will of course divulge the address in question:

To get back on that Integrity part, we would be grateful if you could take a small moment and tell us how you feel about this announcement here: Google Form.

Thank you for your continued support.