Community Update

The ODIN block explorer is now available – it updates every three minutes.

Over the past month we have spotted a number of new community projects and initiatives springing up as ideas, works in progress and also finished work.

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The ODIN portal is running smoothly, and legitimate users are completing their withdrawals to ODIN QT wallets. One particularly positive sign from the community is that there are already well in excess of 200 ODIN masternodes set up globally and this number is rapidly increasing.…

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The official ODIN wallets (QT wallets for MacOS, Windows, and Linux are available from our Github page.

Please report bugs/issues in the ODIN wallet issues and bugs reporting on GithubPlease provide as much information as you can, such as the steps you have taken leading up to a bug.

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You can now start preparing for your ODIN withdrawals by setting up both local and VPS environments.

Our devs are hard at work building all the GUI wallets and you can already build the ODIN binary file.

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ODIN Blockchain is now launched. Hello World!

ODIN Rewards Structure

Term names # Blocks Reward per block Community Development Fund Masternodes ROI Total supply increase
PoW Pre-Launch 200 495,000
PoS Launch 14,400 5
Ragnarök Release 37,440 175 10% 57.14% 6.61%
Valhalla Release 87,840 95 10% 34.13% 7.90%
Year of Yggdrasil 525,600 25 15% 9.22% 11.53%
Year of Midgard 527,041 20 20% 6.63% 8.29%
Year of Nidhogg 527,000 15 25% 4.59% 5.74%

Fundamentally, the initial staking rewards structure, implemented for the benefit of the community include:

  • PoS Schedule – 10% to community development fund proposals for all phases starting in Ragnarök, increasing to 25% of rewards by the beginning of 2021.

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New portal updates

September 10, 2018 | Community Update

Claim Portal v1.0

Our Claim Portal has been completed. Every step necessary to successfully redeem ODIN can immediately be fulfilled from this moment onwards. Remember to lock in before Friday, September 14th to gain a 7% bonus.…

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