ODIN Exchange Listing (Blocknet.co)

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Our First Exchange!

Thanks to the efforts of our moderator Cam and former moderator Isaboa, we have great news to share. we are proud to be the first coin on Blocknet’s Coin Announcements 2.0 and happy to announce that we are now live on our first decentralized exchange (DEX): Blocknet.co.


The Blocknet Protocol is a true peer-to-peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains. This enables cross-chain dApps, like Block DX Decentralized Exchange, to transfer data and value between blockchains in an absolute trustless manner. Block DX is the first exchange to be free from requiring trust in 3rd party wallets or technologies, meaning everything happens peer-to-peer, wallet-to-wallet.

Overall, the Blocknet Protocol has many components that come together to form a single decentralized protocol, opening the door to multi-chain architectures and dApp ecosystems. The Blocknet community has been developing this technology since 2014. Our decentralized governance system and open source code ensures that every blockchain is free to interact without centralized entities.

In order to make use of their exchange, you will need to download the Blocknet Wallet and Blocknet DX from their website: https://www.blocknet.co/odin/block-dx/

Simply follow the steps presented. Please be aware that the default pair is ODIN / BLOCK.

To find out more about this exchange, visit their Discord: Blocknet Discord

Read their press release here: Press Release Coin Announcements 2.0


We are incredibly excited to see the direction the project is moving towards. As more exchanges will come in the future, we will be expanding our audience and followers. We can not wait to see what sort of contributors will be hiding amongst them.

We already have community contributors working on different applications in the background. Details on this will be released when they feel their work is sufficiently ready to present.