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You can now start preparing for your ODIN withdrawals by setting up both local and VPS environments.

Our devs are hard at work building all the GUI wallets and you can already build the ODIN binary file. This can be done locally or through Docker using the ODIN-Qt source code from our official GithubMore details on current progress were mentioned earlier this week in our community and technical projects update.

Between now and October 5th, 2018 we are in the “Soft-launch PoS Phase”, where staking rewards are at the lowest. After this, the rewards will ramp up significantly, especially for Masternodes.

The official GUI ODIN wallet builds for MacOS and Windows are available on our Github.

New Moderator

We would also like to mention one of our new team additions. Long-time Discord (and other channels) community member @Royal85 is coming in as a volunteer moderator. He has helped a lot of community members with technical issues in the past. Besides his general technical skills, he is very well versed in VPS setups. We feel like his expertise will undoubtedly come in handy over the coming weeks. Welcome onboard!

Support and Feedback

Our community on Telegram is very welcoming! We also love to hear your experiences, questions, and feedback on our Discord community chat, tweet us @odinblockchain, check our official ODIN Linkedin and our Facebook page. We also have an ODIN Subreddit you can subscribe to and look forward to having you as a part of our growing open source ecosystem.

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