ODIN Blockchain Image Contest: 500 ODN Prize per Win

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The Contest

Today we’re hosting a contest that supplements some long form articles we have been writing. We are looking for some images that can accompany the sections within these articles.

We will submit each entry to a community vote. The winners will receive 500 ODN, well in time to convert them into ODIN.


The images must meet the following requirements:
2800x900px at 72dpi
RGB format

We need images for the following sections in this article on decentralized organizations: https://odinblockchain.org/decentralized-organization/

  • Defining Decentralized Organizations
  • Structure of Decentralized Organizations
  • Exploring the Types of Decentralization
  • Examples of Decentralization
  • Advantages of Decentralization for Organizations
  • Advantages of Decentralization for Networks and Technology
  • Disadvantage of Decentralization Compared to Centralization
  • Overcoming Disadvantages Can Have Their Own Disadvantages
  • Successful Semi-decentralized Companies in the Sharing Economy
  • Successful Decentralized Companies
  • How the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Use Decentralization
  • Lessons Learned from Failed Decentralization Attempts
  • Incorporating Decentralization into Existing Organizations
  • Existing Companies That Have Tried Decentralization
  • An Expanding Use Case for Decentralized Organizations: Online Marketplaces
  • The Future of Decentralized Organizations

Please submit your images in the newly created temporary #contest channel in the following format:
Section: <section name>


Pete has added a PSD template file to use (with brand colours as background fill layers in it) at the right size, on our Github repo for Brand Graphics, which can be found here:



For assets, please have a look at our GitHub repository here:


Submissions may be forwarded until the first of September, after which the voting will start.

We look forward to your submissions!