New Core Team Developer

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New Core Team Developer

For those of you that missed the introduction during the AMA on Thursday the 29th: The ODIN team is expanding with the addition of our new infrastructure developer Lance Hall, aka Bohica. He will help us in building the Messenger application’s infrastructure and automating a host of upcoming features currently planned in the roadmap.

Lance has 13 years of overall IT experience, among which he has 1.5 years of experience as a deployment engineer and almost four years of experience as a DevOps engineer.

Recently, Lance’s skill and effort were recognized as he was awarded for his performance in Innovation in Software Automation and Infrastructure Design, after automating a series of error-prone manual tasks.

How will he help us:

We are looking at the latest and best technologies out there at the moment. He will be able to help us with planning a solid foundation with lots of growth potential. Furthermore, he will help us with all-round automation of our messenger nodes and fully design and implement the one-click masternode functionality. Being a DevOps engineer, he is well versed in both development and production.