ODIN Block Explorer Released

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The ODIN block explorer is now available https://explore.odinblockchain.org/ – it updates every three minutes.

Over the past month we have spotted a number of new community projects and initiatives springing up as ideas, works in progress and also finished work. This is very exciting to see as our whole philosophy is all about enabling collaboration and innovation from the community and the wider public.

We enable and support this by creating and extending open source frameworks and applications, documenting these, creating guides and video tutorials. We also back existing and new community ventures with the support of the masternodes, through our increasingly decentralized infrastructure and governance model.

A recent example is the ODIN block explorer which was set up by one of our Discord community members > @Bobtb < send them a tip! We checked and tested the initial block explorer, made some additions:

  • Theme changes;
  • Graphics addition such as the ODIN logo, favicon etc;
  • Set up the SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt;
  • Deployed to our cloud infrastructure;
  • Added the code to our official ODIN Github.

The block explorer is written in node.js and the code is based on the iquidus open source project. 

Support and Feedback

If you have any feedback or suggestions, the best places are our Discord, Twitter, or the ODIN Subreddit. Hope to see you there!

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