Initiative Update

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Initiative Update

Today we are bringing you an ‘Initiative Update’. These updates will provide a bridge between operational change (represented by our Changelogs) and our full ‘Announcements’, which indicate launched products or features.

‘Initiatives Updates’ are generally works in progress that lead to more important announcements. While not necessarily as large as a full ‘Announcement’, they form part of our drive to be open and transparent as part of the ‘Integrity’ initiative. It is unrealistic for us to launch a product or feature that warrants a full ‘Announcement’. However, hard work is being completed which we wish to share nonetheless. So to articulate this we have decided to provide you with a brief update in this manner. In the meantime our core tech team is hammering away on the final elements. They are currently testing the ODIN blockchain for release.


We love to hear from you, our community, and we encourage you to talk to us in AMAs. We are looking to hold these on a regular basis. The next one will be held through our new public community Discord AMA channel on Tuesday at 5pm GMT. In addition, we would like to reverse this with a kind of AMA to you. We have planned this for Thursday at 5pm GMT on the same channel. Catch you at both!


On the collaboration front, part of this initiative is to unify our overall vision for ODIN. We want to know your aspirations and general feedback across all areas of the project. For example, based on some great critical feedback we received in the past few weeks related to our publicized weekly changelogs, we have decided that going forward from this Monday, our changelogs will be provided with more context so that you can understand more of the bigger picture around our current work. In addition, we have a great wrap-up of the past few changelogs put together as a fantastic blog post from community member Hypoluxy which you can read here:

Bounty Pool

Another note we want to make this week is the increase in our bounty pool. Both Pete and Sagemark are also adding their personal staking rewards to the Public ODN Bounty pool. The goal is to help further decentralize the ODN distribution. We are also asking other large ODN holders from the original Obsidian team if they will come forward and follow suit. When we have further confirmation on this we will of course let you know.

Whitepaper sneak peek

In the final part of our update, we present you with a sneak peek of the work in progress ODIN whitepaper. There have been a lot of questions lately on whether or not it even exists, so here are the introductory paragraphs for you to peruse. Please do note that this is a work in progress, with several people contributing, and remains subject to change. The snippet below is still in draft format. As such we would like to emphasize that the rest of the white paper is much further in depth than this. including a lot of the juicy technical information which we are very much looking forward to releasing.

ODIN Whitepaper Snippet (Draft, Work in Progress)

The whitepaper has been released and can be viewed here: