ODIN Blockchain Specification

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With the ODIN headless wallets as well as the ODIN GUI wallets now released and available from our official ODIN Github repositories, we are now showcasing our blockchain specifications in this post for the more technical amongst you. If you have not already seen our staking rewards structure, have a quick read here.

We are compiling and updating our official ODIN Wiki on Github with all official information and documentation on the technical aspects of the project. We also encourage people to contribute to our content, code, and applications. This will grow the project and help us maintain the high quality, innovative, community-centric philosophy we started with on day one.

Blockchain Technical Details

Spec Details
Trading Symbol ODIN
Currency Symbol Ø
Premine 99,000,000
Current Supply 99,495,684
Circulating Supply 99,495,684
Block Reward Variable*
Min Tx Fee 0.0001 Ø
Algorithm NIST5
PoW Difficulty Algorithm Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
PoS Difficulty Algorithm Blackcoin PoS v3.0
Consensus Model PoS (after block 200)
Staking 36% Variable**
Target Block Time 60 Seconds
Confirmation 10 Blocks (~10 min)
Minimum Staking Age 60 Blocks (~1 hr)
Max Block Size 2 MB
PubKey Addr 115
Script Addr 57
P2P Port 22100
RPC Port 22101
Testnet P2P Port 12100
Testnet RPC Port 12101
Protocol Support IPV4, IPV6, TOR

Masternode Staking Details

Spec Details
Masternode Staking 54% Variable**
Collateral 25,000 Ø

Community Ø Budget Pool

Spec Details
Monthly Allowance 10% Variable**
Proposal Fee (non-refundable) 50 Ø
Budget Cycle (blocks) 43,200 (~1 month