ODIN community portal registrations

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The ODIN coin community portal finalized registrations on Friday, ahead of the launch of the ODIN blockchain.

ODIN Pre-mine

The ODIN Blockchain pre-mine has now commenced. This means the chain is booted up and live, and we are minting the coins necessary for distribution. The pre-mine is not open to the public. It is strictly meant to mint the coins for distributing according to the Claim Portal. Excess coins will be burned.

Support and Feedback

Join us on our ODIN Discord or our ODIN Telegram community if you have further questions or require help with any of the claiming steps. Also, check out, and share this comprehensive article on Cryptocurrency which we wrote up for newcomers.

The ODIN community is very welcoming, we love to hear your experiences, questions, and feedback on our Discord community chat, tweet us @odinblockchain, check our official ODIN Linkedin and our Facebook page. We also have an ODIN Subreddit you can subscribe to and look forward to having you as a part of our growing open source ecosystem.

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