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Claim Portal v1.0

Our Claim Portal has been completed. Every step necessary to successfully redeem ODIN can immediately be fulfilled from this moment onwards. Remember to lock in before Friday, September 14th to gain a 7% bonus.

Guide: Register for ODIN in 3 simple steps

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Important ODIN Claim Portal Information

Please keep in mind that after each transaction, the blockchain uses Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO) to determine where coins come from, and where the “change” is delivered. This means if you made a transaction out from your wallet, it may pull the balance from a combination of different addresses, or one address, and then deliver the change to another address (new) or a previous address. As such, any address in the block explorer may show a lower amount than the address actually holds.

This fact will be extremely important once the lock-in period goes into effect. All wallets must be consolidated into a single address. When the lock-in period goes into effect, we will explain how to do this in good detail.

Community Updates 

Masternode and Staking Rewards Revision

As we mentioned in last week’s update, a lot in the community had expressed concerns in the past about the reward structure as it was. As such, the staking and Masternode reward scheme have received a make-over. These are mentioned in last Friday’s announcement, but may also be viewed below:

ODIN Staking Rewards Structure contest winners

Most winners have now claimed their rewards. Please check your e-mail and spam if you participated in this most recent Gleam competition. If you won, please send the e-mail you registered via direct message, and include your ODN address to @Pelsjager#7738 on the official ODIN Discord or Telegram.

The coming week

Over the coming week, we will be focusing on helping people through their claim process. We want as many people as possible to be able to claim their ODIN.

We are also working on setting up “One-Click Masternodes” through Docker with @z3n, and we will be working with our Telegram admin @TheVoice. He will help us to create some set-up guides so everyone will be clear on exactly what to do. To see some of his other work, please see here:

Support and Feedback

If you find any issues with the claim registration process, please reach out to us on our ODIN Discord or our ODIN Telegram community if you have further questions or require help with any of the claiming steps.

The ODIN community is very welcoming, we love to hear your experiences, questions, and feedback on our Discord community chat, tweet us @odinblockchain, check our official ODIN Linkedin and our Facebook page. We also have an ODIN Subreddit you can subscribe to and look forward to having you as a part of our growing open source ecosystem.

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Register your ODIN Claim in 3 simple steps

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