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We are getting close to the ODIN Blockchain launch, and as we finalize some of the key technology ready for testnet and mainnet launch, we are also ramping up our overall project transparency and engagement with the community. Before we go any further, make sure you are up to date with your ODIN Claim!

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Evolution of the Changelogs

As you may have noticed, this week we have evolved the legacy weekly ‘Changelog’ into a ‘Community Update’. This is a move to a more meaty, improved weekly update to cover a wider range of project areas, generally aiming to include at least several of the following:

  • “Community Updates” related to competitions, other areas of relevance to community members, and followed by a brief summary of notable events that happened in the various communities over the previous week;
  • Questions for the community and responses to community feedback;
  • Highlighted success metrics based on analytics data;
  • Work in progress that we would like to highlight;
  • Job openings, dates for the diary and other relevant news;
  • “Community Member of the Week” – highlighted with a quote from this newly appointed ODIN celebrity.

More information

We are also bringing back the weekly newsletters as we approach the claim portal registration deadline, which will be announced this week.

Development ‘Changelogs’ are going to be moved to traditional changelogs that you can view on ODIN Discord and other relevant channels as our core team, contractors, and community developers commit code and updates to repositories on the ODIN Blockchain Github. We will let you know when this is up and running, and it will provide everyone with realtime, transparent information related to our progress on the various tech fronts.

Community Updates

ODIN Masternodes and Staking Rewards Revision

We have listened to all the community feedback regarding the outlined ODIN staking rewards, and have carried out independent analysis across a variety of well-perceived PoS blockchains. As a result, we will make a raft of changes to the initially proposed rewards structure. We are still looking for more feedback and suggestions from you, the upcoming ODIN community. We will be announcing our proposed changes and implementing these after further consultation with the community this week.

ODIN #1 Gleam Contest Winners

The emails to the winners will be sent out on Wednesday at the latest. Gleam doesn’t have the option to strictly show nicknames from the Discord entry. Therefore we will not publish the registered names, as we received a mix of nicknames and real names in the submissions. Check your spam box to make sure.

As the release date for the ODIN Blockchain is fast approaching, our #2 Gleam contest will commence this week. Stay tuned in our social and community channels!
Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Telegram Announcements.

Decentralized Community Initiatives

We want to highlight some initiatives that have been started off by community members (users mentioned are Discord nicks):

Thank you so much! We all appreciate and respect your support and commitment to ODIN. ~ @Pete

Community Distribution Funds

An additional 100,000 ODN has been sent over to the Community Distribution Funds. These will be used for:

  • the Moderators’ monthly stipend;
  • People are working on the recent ODIN One and Three-Pager – condensed Whitepaper information sheets, and other ODIN resources;
  • Update: People who contribute significantly to the Community Initiated Medium page can receive up to 5000 ODN (this was previously 2500 ODN). Please reach out to @XxEIDOLONxX on the ODIN Discord.

The address of the Community Distribution Funds which OPL is accumulating through Obsidian (ODN) staking rewards is XNX8oxZ4JtHUHPzt1pZT8a5Tnn1np6Dy6N.

Important ODIN Claim Portal Information

Please keep in mind that after each transaction, the blockchain uses Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO) to determine where coins come from, and where the “change” is delivered. This means if you made a transaction out from your wallet, it may pull the balance from a combination of different addresses, or one address, and then deliver the change to another address (new) or a previous address. As such, any address in the block explorer may show a lower amount than the address actually holds access to.

This fact will be extremely important once the lock-in period goes into effect. All wallets must be consolidated into a single address. When the lock-in period goes into effect, we will explain how to do this in good detail.

Statistics and Metrics

Net Promoter Score

For the NPS, we have combined both changelogs and announcements in each week.

As is quite evident, the Net Promoter Score has caught a blow in week 34. This coincides with an AMA, that apparently led to people having more questions. These concerns were swiftly addressed in DMs initiated by these concerned members. As seen in the following week 35, these concerns had been mostly taken away.

This is a prime example of the use case for constantly measuring your Net Promoter Score in such a unique way. We have found a moment in time where the NPS was significantly lowered, and we could immediately link this to a specific event. Since the concerns have been addressed, we can see a solid recovery and thus no further action related to this specific event is required.

Team Growth

Our main core team has recently been expanded with Discord members @nlisgo (testing, automation, documentation, coding standards etc), and @z3n who is from a background of hosting/infrastructure in open source and is focusing on ODIN wallet and masternode building and automation. @z3n also has commercial, investment, and community experience. They will both be helping out in similar areas.

Job Openings

As we continue to add to our development team, we are looking for additional mobile developers with excellent portfolios and references, and experience working on iOS and Android. Xamarin developers can also apply. We have a number of job ads out and are speaking to a range of people within our own existing networks. We only want highly experienced individuals who can commit 100% to ODIN. We are also speaking to community members about how they can contribute to the ODIN tech as we open up more of the code to collaboration in the months following mainnet launch.


Do you like the ODIN Blog so far? What would you improve? The ODIN community is very welcoming, we love to hear your experiences, questions, and feedback on our Discord community chat, tweet us @odinblockchain, check our official ODIN Linkedin and our Facebook page. We also have an ODIN Subreddit you can subscribe to and look forward to having you as a part of our growing open source ecosystem.


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