ODIN Governance Team Expands

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In accordance with ODIN’s values towards a community-driven platform, we are pleased to announce that today we have officially accepted the voluntary ascension of two well-known community contributors as well as another one of our experienced developers in becoming part of the ODIN Governance Team.

We will shortly be allowing any member of the community to put themselves forward as a governor. This is yet another step towards our transparency and decentralization not just in the technologies we are creating, but in the strategy and planning around the ODIN community and governance structure going forwards.

Who are the new members?

Lance Hall, (Discord: @Bøhica#1704)

He is one of our developers, with a background in infrastructure and DevOps. Amongst other things, he has helped with research and development on the ODIN Messenger including the backend, server infrastructure, and improving new applications which will be extending the ODIN Ecosystem.

Cameron Brownlee, (@Cam#9905)

An expert in the automation of various tasks and a good deal of experience working with APIs. Cam has always been the primary ODIN Reddit moderator, thorough and patient in his responses. Having also worked with Danny on other projects, we can all vouch for the abilities and positivity that Cam will bring into the project.

Dalton Faguy, (@Hypoluxy#6666)

Dalton is helping to bring a more strategic, consistent approach to how we handle all the Social Media channels. He has been bringing in new ideas and helping to act on these through his own initiatives. We are all very happy to have him on board in this more official capacity, and he has proven himself to be a great asset to ODIN.


@Cam and @Hypoluxy are taking on certain duties from Danny, freeing up time for him to focus on longer-term initiatives. They work in collaboration with the rest of the governance team, and other community members too.

We are working towards a way for the ODIN Community members to be able to officially vote in the Governance Team. When this is in place, all Governance Team members voted in by the community will become signatories on the Foundation Multi-signature Wallet for future expenditures.

Finally, as everyone is no doubt aware, we do have many more community members working with us and on their own ODIN projects, in the background. If you have ideas or suggestions that you would like to talk about or bring to the table for more input and support from ODIN directly, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We always have open arms and are keen to hear from capable people about good ideas which can further evolve the ODIN ecosystem.