Full ODIN Claim Portal Registration Guide

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If you just want to register for ODIN Claims, use the condensed ODIN Claim Guide here.

Recent Updates

The ODIN Claim Portal is open for registrations right now.

We are building in additional features before the official ODIN Blockchain launch.

Current security features include email verification, ODN QT Wallet ownership verification, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and SMS Verification.

“Obsidian Balance Locking”, a key part of the ODIN Claim Process, is now enabled and available.

Users can now setup their Notification Preferences.


Before you start your ODIN claim, make sure that you have your Obsidian (ODN) Wallet available. You will need to use a feature of the wallet to verify your ownership of the Obsidian Address which holds the ODN coins you will be using to claim 2.5 times as many ODIN coins. If you do not have an Obsidian-QT Wallet, please download one from our official Obsidian Github Repository:


We highly recommend you begin transferring your Obsidian into a single Obsidian Address. At this time, we will be limiting One Account to One Address. This is to help prevent fraudulent actions on our Claim service and make the claiming process faster and safer. Finally, we also suggest you go through this process on a desktop web browser as you will likely have a better time switching between your wallet and the registration process when you enter your signed message. The ODIN Claim Portal (“Portal”) is mobile friendly however, and can be accessed from any device.

Walk through the ODIN Claim Registration Process

Step 1

Make your way to the ODIN Claim Registration page and agree to the Terms of Service to continue with the registration process.

Step 2

You will be provided with a randomly generated word, and are asked to provide the Obsidian Address you’d like to register. You will need to input a signed message too, by using the randomly generated word in your Obsidian Wallet.

Here is our simple guide showing you how to “sign a message” using your Obsidian Wallet application (or using your headless Obsidian Node).

How to sign a message with a cryptocurrency address

Note that you do not need to have a fully synced Obsidian-QT Wallet running to sign a message, as message signing is just using a calculation using a public key (Your Obsidian Address) and your private key. When you are signing a message, make sure the message you enter matches the word provided EXACTLY! Additional whitespace, tabs, capital letters, etc… affect the signed message and will get rejected.

Step 3

This is the second primary step to registering, your email address and a secure password. You must enter an email address that you can access because you will have to verify your registration / email at the end. We did our best to enforce the tightest password requirements to ensure you do your best to secure your account from fraudsters. Your password must be at least 10 characters long and contain at least 1 Uppercase, 1 Lowercase, 1 Number, and 1 Special Character. We’ve integrated OWASP strength checking to ensure password efficiency.

Step 4

The final confirmation screen before we create your Portal Account. Please ensure the Obsidian Address and Email Address are both accessible to you and secure enough for the duration of the ODIN Claim process. After registering, you will not be able to change your email address or obsidian address. Again, this is to prevent fraudulent activity and spam. You are still able to edit your email address before continuing, but if you would like to change the Obsidian Address you will need to restart this process. You can restart by refreshing the page.

Step 5

This is essentially the waiting room to Valhalla with a Choose Your Own Adventure twist. You will need to access your email and wait to see an email from us entitled “Verify ODIN Claim Portal Account”. We are using the service provider SendGrid which has seemed to be very reliable with email services, but if you do not see an email within a few minutes, it has likely been intercepted by Loki and thrown into your Spam folder. Inside the email you will see a nice big ODIN-branded button you can click, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a unique 6-digit PIN Code which you can enter manually on the Portal.

ODIN Portal Verification Example

If you log out of the Portal and log back in, on the same browser or another device (remember, we’re mobile friendly!) you will be redirected to this screen. You must accomplish this task before being granted access to your Dashboard or other account features. PLEASE NOTE: Accounts not verified within a 30-minute window will be permanently erased and will be unretrievable. You will need to go through the registration process from the start.

Your Personal Dashboard

ODIN Claim Portal Dashboard

Please don’t look at my balance!

ODIN Claim Portal Dashboard

Behold traveller, your own cozy ODIN Claim Dashboard. Here you will find a summary of your Account Details, including your Obsidian Address associated to your Email Address, the “current” retrievable balance of that address, any ODIN Claim Bonuses (wait there are bonuses? ?and a few other elements.

Please keep in mind that this is a Soft-launch, and there may be some additional updates/improvements added before the Claim Process completes and we officially launch the ODIN Blockchain. P.S. See if you can find the little easter egg embedded in the ODIN Claim Portal which lets you modify your theme by switching to a random ODIN approved brand color. Onwards!

ODIN Claim Portal with Theme

ODIN Claim Tasks

Claim Tasks are required objectives that must be completed for your Claim to be eligible to be accepted. We decided to iteratively release task requirements up to the official Claim Portal launch of September 7th, 2018. In total there are three tasks to complete: Setting up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Adding and verifying a mobile phone number to your Claim, and finally the locking of your Obsidian balance and thus your eligible ODIN Claim total.

Setting up 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication is a way to ensure the most account security when logging into your account, or doing an action that could make an important adjustment to your Claim. We have provided a list of recommended 2FA applications and services and have provided steps explaining how to set it up.

Verifying a mobile phone number

To ensure each claim is authentic and ensure people can be contacted about important information about their claim (should they have opted-in for notifications) we require all claimants to add a phone number to their account and verify it by receiving a short code and entering it on the Claim Portal. This process is very straight forward. Please do not prepend your phone number with a leading “0” Zero, and just enter your full phone number minus the Country Code.

Locking Obsidian Balance and Claim

The process of locking your Obsidian Balance and Claim is also relatively straightforward. There have been numerous questions brought up about this subject, so due to this we have written up a separate post that explains this process in detail:

Locking ODIN Claim Balance

Further information and support

If you find any issues with the claim registration process, please reach out to us on our ODIN Discord or our ODIN Telegram community if you have further questions or require help with any of the claiming steps.

We pledge that all data provided through the ODIN Claim Portal will be used solely to process individual ODIN claims. All data provided will be wiped completely after the ODIN distribution period.

We will never share any of your data with third parties.

After the data has been verified and wiped, we will open up our infrastructure to verify the integrity of our pledge to you regarding data that has been submitted and subsequently removed. As it stands, the web application and data storage are housed in separate servers with limited access to ensure the security of information. All passwords are hashed using Bcrypt and all information is passed between the Application and Server via HTTPS.

The ODIN Claim Portal Server can only be accessed via the Application by enabling proper CORS. Should you have any additional questions about the precautions taken to secure your information, please reach out to the ODIN Moderators or Core Team on ODIN Discord or through our Telegram channel.