ODIN One/Three-Pager

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Today we are bringing you a One page summary what ODIN is and a simple Three Page technical summary of the project.

The One page summary is meant for easy distribution to people or other communities that are unfamiliar with ODIN and what is has to offer. It explains more about our main focuses and how we aim to achieve it. It also shows some information on Flagship Application, the ODIN Messenger.

The Three Page technical summary of the project goes a bit more in-depth on the technologies we are using. It is aimed at an audience which is familiar with the ODIN Blockchain already, but would like to know a little more. It’s a core overview of the whitepaper‘s essentials and explains a little about our main technologies.

We encourage you to spread our One page summary around, starting tonight! If you retweet and share our posts on Twitter and Facebook please send a screenshot of these actions to the #contest channel on our Discord.

You will receive a 5 ODN tip per action. If you are already subscribed to our Gleam contest, you can use the Twitter and Facebook actions to gain another entry.

Ask Us Anything

On Monday, August 20 we will be doing another AMA in our Discord channel at 20:00 GMT. Join us and ask us your most burning questions! See you then.