ODIN Portal Data Purged

In our continued effort of honest development and our transparent distribution of ODIN, we are happy to announce that we have successfully finished all primary claim airdrops and have purged all data we have control over from the ODIN Distribution Portal. For the duration of November, we will allow the public to verify for themselves that every record has been anonymized and purged.

Our ODIN Portal utilized MongoDB for the flexibility we needed as we slowly grew our portal software. If you wish to verify for yourselves that your information is no longer readable by us we invite you to access our systems using a Read-only Username / Password which we will provide below. You can use a MongoDB interface application such as Robo 3T to remote access our Database.

Our next effort of the ODIN Release will be the anticipated burn of excess ODIN by the end of November. We pre-mined 99,000,000 ODIN over the course of 200 blocks, in the beginning, to ensure we had enough ODIN for the distribution. We also made a promise to ensure the foundation wallet, which will be a multi-signature address, will contain no more than 15% of the total distributed supply. Of this 15%, the foundation is entitled to at most 25 Masternodes which will be eligible to stake with the rest not staking. As it currently stands, the foundation is currently running 10 Masternodes which are embedded in the blockchain as seed nodes to help support the network. You can view our current list of active Masternodes here via our Technical Wiki.

We’ll have a separate write-up made available soon which will breakdown the portal distribution, important multi-signature wallets, and the current burn pile we have established. ONWARD!

Remote Access Details

Host: api.claim.odinblockchain.org
Port: 29315
Username: claimagent
Password: claimagent
Database: odin-claim-production