ODIN releases KYC and AML portal

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The ODIN portal is running smoothly, and legitimate users are completing their withdrawals to ODIN QT wallets. One particularly positive sign from the community is that there are already well in excess of 200 ODIN masternodes set up globally and this number is rapidly increasing.

ODIN partnered with a third-party identity verification service in order to integrate their API with the portal, which enables an integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) background check for portal users. Existing registrants who locked in their ODIN airdrop claim should make sure they complete the KYC/AML step so that they can withdraw their ODIN airdrop before the portal closes at the end of October 2018.

Our core team and community moderators have been working tirelessly to ensure that we help to get the ODIN out to the respective legitimate users. There are some steps that need to be manually processed to ensure any bad actors are filtered out to prevent their claims from unfairly diluting the holdings of legitimate users.

The ODIN portal is an extensible infrastructure which we have built in a way that can be reused by us, other cryptocurrencies, and other projects both inside and outside of the financial technology space. We will open source all of our work in due course, and we have many new innovations that will be added to the portal over the next few months.

The RAGNAROK phase has now begun on the ODIN blockchain. This early block rewards phase of ODIN is going smoothly and we are well on our way to progressing onward to the Valhalla phase in November.

ODIN is a blockchain formed from within and around the community, and we need to stick together as we push forward with our creative ideas, imagination, and dedication to everything that ODIN wants to be.


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