The ODIN Blockchain Roadmap


Here are the currently announced apps, extensions, frameworks, and services which are either completed or work in progress from our core and community contributors. Many features on our roadmap, will receive a more in-depth write up on the official ODIN wiki (and blog, where relevant).

Anonymous Product(s)

As per the request of certain collaborative community members, we are not currently sharing information pertaining to some application(s) or service(s) which are being developed. When any of these applications are published, the relevant collaborators may still wish to remain anonymous and we will protect their privacy accordingly.

The ODIN vision

Enable anyone to build and host highly scalable on and off-chain mobile applications which can utilize cryptographic privacy features.

Initial ODIN branding

The first glimpse of ODIN branding was revealed in April 2018 and as we have added to the design assets and typographical elements, we have pooled key elements of our branding in the ODIN Brand Graphics Github repository. The ODIN brand is inevitably an ongoing process as we refine the original vision for ODIN, grow the project, and collaborate with the community.

ODIN community channels

Set up channels for the ODIN communities on Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. Create an official ODIN website and regularly post project updates across all channels.

ODIN whitepaper

We completed our first main edition of the ODIN Whitepaper as an early milestone for the community to understand more about our vision and goals. In a subsequent version, we made some adjustments to the different block reward stages in order to benefit the community by reducing the increase in overall coin supply over time.

View the ODIN whitepaper

ODIN core

Check out the official ODIN core Github page.

ODIN masternodes

These specialized nodes play a specific part in ensuring the integrity of the ODIN network, including hosting an entire copy of the ledger. Once OAT is implemented on ODIN, the masternodes will also run specific cryptographic instructions allow the use of the Zerocoin protocol. As a way of compensating masternode operators for the increased RAM and Disk Space required to run a masternode, the ODIN Proof of Stake (PoS) schedule provides an increased percentage of the block rewards.

ODIN MacOS wallet

Download the official ODIN-Qt MacOS wallet installer off our Github page. If you find any bugs or have any support questions, please add them to our official ODIN GUI wallet GitHub issue queue here.

ODIN Linux wallet

Download the official ODIN-Qt Linux wallet installer off our Github page. If you find any bugs or have any support questions, please add them to our official ODIN GUI wallet GitHub issue queue here.

ODIN Windows wallet

Download the official ODIN-Qt Windows wallet installer off our Github page. If you find any bugs or have any support questions, please add them to our official ODIN GUI wallet GitHub issue queue here.

ODIN Portal v1.0

The first iteration of a personal hub for all things ODIN (for now), this started off as an extensible explorer tool and grew into a fully-fledged registration system with multiple security features including ‘know your customer’ (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) integrations with third-party service providers. The portal has already been used for a bespoke airdrop service with a large number of customers. We continue to extend the features, modularizing components and integrating ODIN applications as they are completed.

ODIN web faucet

Available mainly for new ODIN community members to claim small amounts of ODIN. You can check this out at

ODIN Containers v1.0

Implementing Docker containers for ODIN is a huge win for (at least) developers and masternode operators. Docker containers enable much easier continuous deployment and testing, excellent portability across multi-cloud platforms, environment standardization and version control, isolation, and improved security over non-containerized solutions to deployment.

Fully automated software testing

40% done

Constantly improving the quality of our code, we already have automated testing implemented across a number of core ODIN codebases, and continue to work on scaling this further to cover all our official products and frameworks. Automated Software Testing saves time, money and stress.

This also helps to reduce the number of bugs which end-users encounter, improving the overall user experience of all things ODIN. This also enables us to work more freely with a wider pool of talented collaborators, whilst simultaneously increasing the depth and scope of all tests.

Massive Automated Scalable Hosting (MASH)

40% done

We are building an automated masternode hosting service for end users which will reduce the masternode onboarding time, increase the uptime for nodes, and provide users with an easy way to run and operate ODIN masternodes with zero coding knowledge. The backend framework to this is highly scalable, enabling us to hypothetically support hundreds of thousands of masternodes.

Create a self-sustaining blockchain development ecosystem

35% done

Create a free, self-sustaining framework for building and hosting mobile applications with optional cryptographic privacy features. Provide support and excellent documentation for all areas of the underlying framework.

Build at least one flagship application on the framework and provide the code for extending and recreating the application, utilizing the cryptographic privacy features.

Open-source all the code and provide guides/tutorials, workshops, and excellent documentation. Support and collaborate with early adopters, offering community bounties and access to a monthly proposal budget pool which the community is able to vote on through the blockchain.

Grow a healthy developer community and support network which in turn can provide a wider range of end-user mobile products.

ODIN messenger

35% done

Our first flagship application will be a mobile messenger, with additional features and extensibility added over time.

Real-time ODIN metrics dashboard (OMD) v1.0

60% done

Over the past year, we have created a range of metrics dashboards for ODIN. These have been created through custom integrations with a large range of application programming interfaces (APIs) for both analytical and operational reasons. As the different components of ODIN progress, we are adding more integrations and publishing them as modular components which can be used within the evolving ODIN portal.

Constantly improve all documentation

10% done

Our goal is to fully document absolutely everything we create and collaborate on so that others can easily join us, work with us, and learn from us. We will tie this in with a constant push to provide guides, tutorials, and workshops for anyone who wants to get involved and collaborate with ODIN, on every level.

ODIN anonymous transactions (OAT)

60% done

We are working on the full integration of a privacy protocol which adds true cryptographic anonymity to ODIN transactions. The protocol we are working with is called zerocoin. In ODIN, the anonymity afforded by zerocoin is the result of cryptographic operations involved with separate zerocoin mint and spend transactions. We have zODIN visible in the wallet interface but currently, it is turned off whilst we test and finalize our implementation.

ODIN paper wallet

50% done

Paper wallets are sometimes preferred as a storage method which is completely offline, “cold storage”. This removed any requirement to trust a third-party with your ODIN. As long as the paper wallet is secure, your holdings are secure. Our designers are creating an official ODIN branded paper wallet for users that like using this method for holding their coins.

Raspberry Pi wallet

50% done

We recognize the popularity of Raspberry Pis as cold staking devices. However, it is likely that once OAT is implemented on ODIN Mainnet, 2GB of RAM may be a requirement for masternodes function correctly. We are currently working on a tested release and guide for end users.

ODIN wallet theme selector

15% done

Our design team and community are working on a range of themes for the wallet. soon you will be able to choose between whichever theme holds your favor!

ODIN dark wallet theme

40% done

We have prioritized the next official ODIN wallet theme design to be a dark theme.

ODIN mobile wallets

25% done

In order to ensure our users have a range of mobile wallet options, we are not only collaborating with existing mobile wallet providers to integrate ODIN support, but also working our own official ODIN mobile wallet for Android and iOS.

Web wallets

25% done

Some users prefer the ease of an online web wallet over the safety of a self-owned wallet. In the spirit of freedom of choice, at least one web wallet is currently under development.

Community Proposals Graphical Interface

15% done

Currently, submitting proposals requires a slight knowledge of Crypto technicals. Proposals are submitted through the console. In order to make this more user-friendly, we are currently working on simple Graphical User Interface, that allows you to vote yes, or no, with a simple mouse click. Right now, the PoS schedule already provides 10% of all block rewards to the community development fund proposals, and this slowly increases to 25% by the beginning of 2021.

ODIN Portal v2.0

15% done

Additional features will be modularized and integrated into the ODIN Claim Portal v1.0. We will also be providing business services and support for third parties who wish to make use of some or all of the portal features. Some of the ODIN applications on this roadmap are good candidates for inclusion as modular portal features.

Crypto Vikings game

5% done

We will release more information on this game in due course. We are looking for play-testers to provide feedback on our early prototype. Please get in touch on the ODIN Discord or Telegram channels if you are interested.

ODIN apps install wizard

10% done

We already made headway with Docker containers, making the installation and updates of masternodes much easier for operators. However, we are also working on creating an actual one-click installer across all ODIN products. More information will be released on this in due course.

Cross-chain implementation for MASH

10% done

In order to establish ourselves as a proper industry and thought leader, we don’t want to simply hog all of our developments for ourselves. With the open sourcing of the Portal, we are merely setting one step, but we wish to go further. Automated testing of software products is important to ensure the quality of any software product and may help to legitimize Crypto as a whole.

ØPi Box

10% done

We are designing custom-themed Raspberry Pi cases which will be available for purchase in our Viking merch store and will include the ODIN apps install wizard and other surprises.