ODIN Wallets for Linux, MacOS and Windows

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The official ODIN wallets (QT wallets for MacOS, Windows, and Linux are available from our Github page.

Please report bugs/issues in the ODIN wallet issues and bugs reporting on GithubPlease provide as much information as you can, such as the steps you have taken leading up to a bug. That way we can attempt to replicate the issue, which will be a great help in fixing it.

Far vel Changelogs

Our regular daily social and community channel discussions and weekly updates via ‘changelogs’ have provided transparency to the community, for several months, sharing our work in a tangible way. We are excited to reveal an evolution of the progress with our on-going work as a whole community, so you can see an increasing amount of real-time progress.

A new Discord bot is providing real-time development updates, and as more of our repositories open up and become publicly available, the bot(s) will add to the feed in relevant channels.

We are also working on incorporating more development feeds across a wider range of channels. We would love to hear more feedback from you all in the community and are also working on ways to better facilitate and collate this feedback.

We are focussing on building out our ODIN Subreddit as a place for proactive public discussion and feedback, so please subscribe on our subreddit and add your thoughts and comments. Thank you!