ODIN Whitepaper and Claim Portal Soft Launch

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As part of our initial ODIN Blockchain whitepaper launch, we are excited to begin allowing you to register on our ODIN Claim Portal today. This is a “soft launch” allowing us to ensure system integrity and begin to understand coin metrics. This helps us as we finalize the ODIN blockchain supply. ODIN coins will be distributed to successful registrants after the “Bifrost” snapshot. The snapshot will occur before the end of September 2018.

The Bifrost snapshot will provide the bridge between ODN and ODIN

The ODIN claim portal can be found here: https://claim.odinblockchain.org/

ODIN Blockchain

ODIN provides an infrastructure for an open source framework. One where others can design, build and test on and off chain mobile applications. We have based this not only on what we believe is right but also after taking community feedback into account.

ODIN Whitepaper

We want to share our current Whitepaper with you, and as we are now working in an agile way across our work. Therefore we thought it would be appropriate to release a preliminary ODIN Whitepaper

The ODIN Claim Portal was used to provide a discretionary ODIN coin distribution across the ODIN community who have largely come from a legacy background in Obsidian. As a result, we used Obsidian (ODN) coin holdings as a key indicator at the time of the September snapshot to determine discretionary coin claims for each ODIN claimant. The snapshot is slated to be taken before the end of September 2018. Following this, we will open up our infrastructure for a set time to allow for a transparent audit of the system. We will keep you updated as we build out the ODIN Claim Portal further. Onward