1000 masternodes online in 3 weeks

Only two weeks ago we marked a notable milestone in the ODIN journey, over 500 masternodes online within one week of launching ODIN and commencing community distributions.

Today we are astonished to see this number and support for ODIN more than double to over 1000 masternodes! At the time of writing, we are closing in on the top 50 for all masternode capable projects, based on the defacto masternodes listing site, MasternodesOnline

Support our landmark achievement on the ODIN Blockchain subreddit here!


ODIN coin distribution commenced just three weeks ago, we are extremely proud of this achievement. This is hard evidence to show the exceptionally positive sentiment that the community has in ODIN, and proving that the community fully supports the projects, underlying philosophy, and consistently articulated vision.

But, more than that, it provides the ODIN network with a massive amount of masternodes to route information through. It ensures the network is properly anonymous. This amount of masternodes being online also means the consensus mechanism is growing, and thus the entire decision-making process is becoming more decentralized. More people get input in the development as masternode votes are going to become our key decision maker in the future.

In the post where we celebrated 500 ODIN masternodes online, just two weeks ago, we highlighted some of the masternode setup guides available. We wish to say a massive thank you, from ODIN and the community to all these and other contributors! We know that all of you, besides creating guides have also spent a lot of one-on-one time supporting masternode operators, and helping them to get their masternodes set up and running smoothly. We all appreciate this deeply.

Masternode Setup Guides

Official headless wallet masternode guide

Cold Wallet setup by @Boofbatch547

Complete setup by @mrblister

Ubuntu 18.04 Masternode Hot Wallet guide on Vultr by @Dragonpie

Masternode setup Video guide by @Royal85