New Core Team Developer

For those of you that missed the introduction during the AMA on Thursday the 29th: The ODIN team is expanding with the addition of our new infrastructure developer Lance Hall, aka Bohica.

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Vote Results

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our questionnaire. We have compounded the scores given to all the exchanges and here is the cumulative outcome:



Contest Winners

We have randomly chosen eight winners from the response list and two winners from the Reddit comments.

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Running Bounties:

Our Community Writing bounty

For this bounty, we ask you to become paid partners with us, by creating contest for our blog. You can earn up to $300,- in ODN or ODIN coins for a high quality article.…

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This week it’s all about Collaboration, Innovation and Community.

OPL Stake Rewards

As mentioned in last week’s changelog, some key community members have received some extra ODN for their efforts.…

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